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Devised and developed by to the point and illustrated by Owen Williams, the Go Go Crew have been designed to appeal to children under 12, providing them with life-style role models and getting important messages across in a fun and memorable way.

The members of Go Go Crew have genuine street 'cred' and 'attitude' but they still know right from wrong and that is a very potent mix in our positioning of the brand. While children will relate to the Go Go Crew their parents will not resent or be alientaed by them.

The Go Go Crew provide positive 'life-style' role models for primary school aged children. They will offer advice and information on everything from excercise, healthy living and healthy eating to stranger danger, drug awareness, anti-smoking and truancy as well as promoting a whole range of educational, environmental and child orientated products and services.

Get the Go Go's
As the brand develops, a wide range of public and private sector organisations will be invited to use the band to support information, advertising and marketing campaigns. In addition to this website, Spike, Riff, Boz, Mitzy and Mina will appear on promotional, PoS and display material and merchandising.

The Go Go Crew will also make personal appearances and do 'live’ performances to promote the issues, initiatives, products and services they want to be associated with.

If you have a project that you would like the Go Go Crew to be involved in, they are currently available for:
Personal Appearances
Communications Campaigns
To find out more about the Go Go Crew and how
they can work with you, email Ashley Gibbins at ashley@gogocrew.co.uk or call 0776 419 8286.

Go go, get them!
Find out more about the Go Go Crew, what they’ve been up to and where they’re going next:
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Go Go Crew name and characters are copyright Go Go Crew Ltd © 2004. Music composed by BEVELLED © 2004. All other material copyright to the point Ltd © 2004. All rights reserved. High resolution media is available on request.
Please email: media@gogocrew.co.uk

To find out more about licensing opportunities, merchandising, events, personal appearances and communications campaigns contact:

Ashley Gibbins,
Project Director, Go Go Crew Limited
5 Maidstone Building Mews
72-76 Borough High Street
London, SE1 1GN
E ashley@gogocrew.co.uk

Or, for details regarding design, identity, branding, illustration and new media, contact:

Simon Hutton, or Ruby Jagger
to the point limited, 5 Maidstone Building Mews
72-76 Borough High Street, London SE1 1GN
E simon@gogocrew.co.uk
E ruby@gogocrew.co.uk
To the point have designed and produced this website and marketing materials for the Go Go Crew’s marketing campaign launched in conjunction with Tower Hamlets Council. To find out more about our design services visit: www.tothepoint.co.uk or call Simon on: 020 7378 6999.

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Go Go Crew name and characters are copyright Go Go Crew Ltd © 2004. Music composed by BEVELLED © 2004. All other material copyright to the point Ltd © 2004. All rights reserved. Site launched 30th April 2004.