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What's happening?

The Go Go Crew appeared LIVE on ITV-1 on April 30th to promote the national walking campaign. Pictures available soon!

Spring Walk to School Week
The Go Go Crew will be out and about supporting Tower Hamlets Spring Walk to School Week which is from Monday 24 May to Friday 28 May.

Bike Week
The Go Go Crew will be out and about supporting Tower Hamlets Bike Week which is from Saturday 12 June to Saturday 20 June.

Song for Spike
Spike’s been working with Tower Hamlets Council in London. He’s trying to help them get more people walking and cycling. That’s where you come in. Email him your ideas for songs or poems about why walking or cycling is fun to: goodgoing@towerhamlets.co.uk or send them to:

Song for Spike,
Lyndal Peters, Transportation, Env & Culture,
Tower Hamlets Council Offices, Southern Grove,
London, E3 4PN.

You never know, he might be performing them at gigs soon!

Good Going
The good going campaign tells people all about why reducing traffic and car fumes is so important for us all. And, why it’s better for us to walk, cycle or travel by bus rather than going by car. Find out more about the campaign and how you could become a Junior Road Safety Officer by emailing: goodgoing@towerhamlets.co.uk

Go Go Juniors
Coming soon, The Go Go Juniors! We’re looking in to developing a talent competition to find the best Go Go Crew Juniors in the UK. So, watch this space. And, get practising!