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Who are the Go Go Crew?

The Go Go Crew are Spike, Boz, Riff and the twin sisters Mitzy and Mina and they have just formed a great new band that is going straight to the top."We call ourselves the Go Go Crew because we are going places fast", says lead singer Spike. The guys and girls enjoy playing all types of music, from pop and soul to world music, classical and rap. "The Go Go Crew will bring all these together to produce music that will be enjoyed by everyone" says Riff who also manages the band.

"We are rehearsing hard after school and at weekends to make our sound really great but we also want our fans to tell us what they would like us to play". Anyone can do this, just by emailing ideas to: studio@gogocrew.co.uk The Go Go Crew are also talking to a number of labels about a record deal. Although they are only just setting out, the band know that when they become pop stars people will listen to them. "We have a chance to help make the world a better and healthier place for everyone – kids and adults alike" says Mina "and that’s just what we are going to do!"