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Meet the crew

Mitzy and Mina

Mitzy and Mina sing lead and backing vocals for the Go Go Crew. Mitzy plays the violin and sax and Mina the flute and recorder. Mina’s party trick is to play both instruments at the same time using her mouth and nostrils. The sisters also work out the dance routines.


Spike is lead singer and the group’s songwriter. During some of Riff’s extra long rock guitar solos Spike will often stay awake by playing the tambourine. He’s also been known to play a mean harmonica but prefers not to. He just can't seem to crack singing at the same time as playing it.


Riff sings backing vocals and plays the electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin and sitar. He is also the manager. He arranges rehearsals, plans the gigs and talks to the record companies. He started to learn guitar when he realised playing in a band impresses girls.


Boz sings backing vocals and is the group's percussionist. He plays drums, cymbals, maracas and any other instrument he can get his hands on. He’s well known for his perfect timing both on stage and off. He’s never missed his school bus, not once! He joined the group when his best mate, Spike, convinced him that the Go Go Crew would be the biggest band in the universe.