Date : 29.04.04
Subject : launch of gogocrew
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The Go Go Crew: Mitzy, Mina, Spike, Boz and Riff


Launch of the Go Go Crew to provide positive 'life-style' role models for primary school aged children.

A cartoon band created by London based design agency tothepoint is set to become positive life-style’ role models for children aged six to eleven.

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets has been the first organisation to sign up the Go Go Crew, who are Spike, Riff, Boz and twin sisters Mitzy and Mina.

The east London council will use the Go Go Crew to ‘front’ the junior version of its good going – travel awareness in Tower Hamlets campaign.

A ‘fanzine’ for the band, which also promotes the benefits of walking, has been produced through tothepoint and will be launched as part of the Capital’s going to walk in London – good going campaign.

"The Go Go Crew magazine will create readership loyalty to the band", said Lyndal Peters, Tower Hamlets Principal Transport Planner.

"As our primary school children develop an allegiance to the Go Go Crew they will become more receptive to the key messages we want to get across about walking, cycling, public transport, car sharing and road safety".
Tower Hamlets will follow up the launch of the magazine with a series of specific travel awareness campaigns featuring individual members of the band.

"Riff will front our junior road safety initiative and Mitzy and Mina will lead on the safer routes to schools project", said Lyndal.

As the Go Go Crew develops, public and private sector organisations, will be invited to use the band to get positive messages across to this young target audience.Other London boroughs, that are now adopting the good going campaign, are expected to buy into the Go Go Crew.

“As the brand develops, we believe a range of public and private sector organisations will want to use the band to support information, advertising and marketing campaigns,” said Simon Hutton, MD of tothepoint and art director of the Go Go Crew company.

“It will be a great way to reach and influence children, in a positive way, on everything from exercise, healthy eating and healthy living to stranger danger, drug awareness, anti-smoking and truancy, as well as promoting a whole range of education and child orientated products and services.

The members of Go Go Crew have genuine street ‘cred' and 'attitude' but they still know right from wrong and that is a very potent mix in our positioning of the brand.
While children will relate to the Go Go Crew their parents will not resent or be alienated by them” added Hutton.

In addition to using Spike, Riff, Boz and Mitzy and Mina on promotional, PoS and display material and merchandising, tothepoint has also launched an interactive website for the Go Go Crew and its fans and is producing music for the band. Site launches 30.04.04 at

“The Go Go Crew will also make personal appearances and do ‘live’ performances to promote those issues, initiatives, products and servicesit wants to be associated with,” said Hutton.

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